Floyd Mayweather Jr. he's like marmite, you either love him or you hate him. If you were to vote on the boxer you'd most like to see get living daylights smashed out of them I'm sure pretty boy Floyd would get the majority, i know he'd have my vote. All credit to Money Mayweather for his achievements like 41 -0 record and ... well thats about it., so when he claims to be the greatest of all time i'd love to just remind him of the likes of Sugar Ray Robinson and Mohammed Ali. He claims he is better than the original "Sugar Ray" and referring to the 19 losses on Robinson's record, but if we direct Floyd to the left and look at the 175 wins! Mayweather is not the Greatest if he wants to prove himself he must fight Manny Pacquiao but he's afraid of denting his perfect record, Mayweather could have a chance at beating Pac-Man but he's scared and the longer he leaves it the more eager Manny is going to be to knock him out. If Mayweather would stop messing around with these stupid temporary retirements and get down to business then maybe, just maybe, no promises he could be the G.O.A.T.